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Home to more than 23 million people, Taiwan is one of Asia’s most forested regions, with 10% of the whole area declared as conservation areas. Taiwan is dominated by the Central Range of mountains which runs north to south, with the tallest peak being nearly four thousand metres high. In the east the mountains reach close to the sea, and in the west there is a fertile coastal plain which extends far and wide. Furthermore, as the island is surrounded by oceans its climate is subtropical in nature.

The capital city of Taiwan is Taipei, and we have a great range of Taipei hotels to suit every travellers budget. Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s second largest city, and the island's most important port, as well as being one of the biggest container ports in the world.

When staying in one of our Taiwan hotels, there is a multitude of amazing sights, tastes and sounds for you to experience. Taiwanese cuisine is influenced by that of Fukien in southern China, the origin of most of the population, and seafood is a particular speciality of Taiwan. It has been said by many a traveller that Taiwan has some of the best, and most diverse assortment of Chinese food available anywhere.

All bookings on our range of Taiwan hotels are prepaid, offer instant confirmation, and the support of our 24/7 Customer Service Centre.

We've got accommodation all over Taiwan
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