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Neutrality, Roger Federer and Rolex watches; you may think these three things sum up the best of Switzerland but pay a visit to the country and you will come to realise the fantastic culture that resides within. Our hotels in Switzerland are situated across the country and offer you an opportunity to explore and discover everything that happens between the plateaus to the highest peaks of the Alps.

There are four official languages in Switzerland including German, French, Italian and Romansch and if Roger Federer is an apt example of your average Swiss person then excellent English can also be spoken too; though don't take that for granted. This fusion of official languages has inevitably seeped into the national identity and as a result Switzerland is wonderfully diverse and often contains the best of culture from its neighbouring countries as well. Germanic beer drinking may be preferred in some parts of the nation, sipping on Italian wine might be the perfect for another while eating French influenced cheeses is popular all over.

The Alps are undoubtedly one of the highlights of the country as they can be enjoyed during the summer and winter months. Skiing is incredibly popular and the resorts are hugely enjoyable providing a great experience for experts to pull their best moves and for first-timers to pull their muscles while getting the hang of things. Our alpine based Switzerland hotels are also ideal for the summertime because hiking and tramping become all the rage across these breathtaking mountains. Traversing these stunning peaks will refresh the spirit and provide countless photo opportunities.

Switzerland is also home to some beautiful towns and cities combining traditional architecture dating back centuries to avant-garde buildings of the modern era. Basel, Lucerne, Berne and Lausanne amongst others are all worth passing through to soak up the culture, traditions and food. Speaking of food, a stay in Switzerland wouldn't be complete without sampling one of the country's specialities, chocolate. The chocolate can be rich, creamy, sweet, bitter but always delicious and this could perhaps be because of the milk those glorious Swiss cows produce. We have a range of Switzerland hotels on offer to ensure you make the most of this country.

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