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White sandy beaches, warm azure ocean waters, lush green forests, some of the rarest species of flora and fauna on earth… yes, this is the Republic of Seychelles! An archipelago in the Indian Ocean - Northeast of Madagascar - comprising of 115 islands, coral atolls and reef islets. The Seychelles islands promise romance, relaxation, adventure and breathtaking natural beauty.

When staying in your Seychelles hotel on the main islands of Mahé or Praslin, allow yourself to take pleasure in relaxing. On Mahé island, hire a car and head for the mountains, winding past the tea plantations to Mission Lodge, where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the West coast, and then cruise along to the beautiful beach of Grand Anse. On Praslin island take your shoes off when your walk along the palm fringed beaches to enjoy feeling the sandy between your toes and the blue waters lapping over your feet. You’ll be delighted with fantastic fresh fish, seafood and multi-ethnic cuisine at the islands’ restaurants.

With so many coral atolls, reefs and islands to explore, why not take a day trip on a yacht, sailing from island to island or a glass bottom boat floating effortlessly over the reefs? The crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkelling or scuba diving. Beautiful fan and tree corals, Angelfish, Clownfish, Barracuda, Turtles, Rays and a variety of reef Sharks will enchant your eyes.

The splendour of the Seychelles islands can be seen at the two very different UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Aldabra and Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve. According to legend Aldabra was first seen by early Arab seafarers in the 9th century. It is the largest raised coral atoll, containing the largest population of giant tortoises in the world. Away from the coast - once believed to be the original Garden of Eden - stands the pristine Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, renowned for the coco de mer palm (which produces the largest seed in the plant kingdom) and the rare black parrot.

At different times in history people of African, European and Asian origin have come to the Seychelles; seafaring traders, adventurers, settlers, and freed slaves created a melting pot of cultures. These influences can be seen in the local cuisine, art, folklore, music, dance and colonial architecture, all contributing to the way of life and to the vibrant Seychellois culture.

Book your Seychelles hotel now and see the beauty for yourself.

Image Attribution: didierbaertschiger under Creative Commons

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