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Things to Do

Saudi Arabia offers adventures in "The Empty Quarter", the largest area of sand in the world, as well as excellent scuba diving in the Red Sea. However, the main attractions are the incredible archaeological sites scattered throughout the Kingdom.

History buffs will love staying in Saudi Arabia and the biggest problem you'll encounter is finding the time to visit all of the fascinating archaeological sites. The stone-carved tombs in Madain Saleh are definitely worth a visit, as is the mud-brick fort of Najran. There are also more than 200 museums in the country but if you can't visit any other, make sure you spend some time in the National Museum in Riyadh.

While you're here, you'll come across many landmarks dedicated to the Islamic religion. The most significant are the Two Holy Mosques, Haram and Masjid al-Nabawi. The former is found in Mecca (also known as "The Holy City"), as chosen by the Prophet Muhammad. The latter mosque can be visited in Medina and is actually where Muhammad's home once stood. It's even the place where he was buried! Please note that non-Muslims are permitted to visit all Islamic sites except The Holy City of Mecca. If you do choose to visit some of the Islamic attractions, you'll be amazed by the unique architecture and the way that the ancient world seems to collide with the modern way of life.

When it comes to traditional market shopping, you can't beat Souq al-Alawi in Jeddah. Right nearby are the traditional coral houses, which Jeddah is most famous for. Many of them are quite dilapidated but Naseef House has recently been restored, so you can take in the unique views on the top floor and get a taste for what life was like all those years ago.

Getting Here and Around

Check out these cheap flights to Saudi Arabia and consider hiring a car from the airport, as there isn't much of a public transport system here. Taxis are reasonably affordable, so they may also be another option if you're not planning on travelling intercity once you arrive.

So wot are you waiting for? Book your Saudi Arabia accommodation with us now and get ready to discover the mysteries of the desert.

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We've got accommodation all over Saudi Arabia
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