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In the past decade Poland has emerged as a revelation on the tourist trail due to its lengthy history, delicious vodka, Baltic beaches and sublime nature. Perfect for a long break or just a weekend in an interesting city, we have hotels in Poland to suit your holiday to a tee.

The capital, Warsaw, is a great place to start a tour of the country. Almost totally destroyed during World War Two, you would be forgiven for thinking that Warsaw had never experienced such troubles when looking around the reconstructed parts of the city today. For history fanatics, plenty of glorious old buildings survived the war and there are examples of Gothic, Renaissance and Neo-Classical architecture to be seen all over. The city of Krakow is similarly full of amazing buildings but to get to the heart of Polish culture we recommend drinking vodka with the locals. Drink it chilled, don't mix it, get it down in one gulp and you'll fit right it. Vodka in Poland is like a delicacy and is much more complex and delicious than the usual commercial fare sold in supermarkets around the world. Be sure to remember how to get back to your Poland hotel after a session though.

Outside the cities Poland has plenty to offer and the beaches at Sopot on the Baltic Coast are well worth a visit in the summer months. This seaside town is also home to trendy bars and nightlife as Poland's sophisticates descend here for a bit of fun. The Masurian Lake District is another popular retreat for locals and tourists alike. Consisting of a huge area of interconnected lakes this beautifully tranquil region is ideal for fishing, kayaking, boating and above all else relaxing. For those of you into hiking, the High Tatras Mountains deep in Southern Poland boast some spectacular trails with breathtaking views to truly escape modern life.

A trip to Poland wouldn't be complete without a humbling visit to Auschwitz. The largest extermination camp during World War Two now houses a museum detailing the atrocities that happened. Wherever your holiday takes you, we can offer Poland hotels across the country.

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