Dunedin Hotels

Dunedin Hotels

Head to Dunedin and experience New Zealand’s Scottish heartland. This colourful city, located on Otago Harbour, is known as New Zealand’s centre of the arts, learning and culture. Find out what makes this city so charming with our range of Dunedin accommodation.

Dunedin was settled by the famous explorer James Cook in 1770, almost 80 years before the city was named based on a Scottish Gaelic variation of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Today, Dunedin’s Scottish heritage runs deep in the city’s veins, as many of the ornate buildings inspired by Edinburgh architecture are still standing. Tourists are drawn to the sight of the Dunedin Railway Station, an eclectic building built in the Renaissance style. The station features stunning contrasting brickwork, a 37-metre clocktower and inside, an intricate mosaic floor of almost 750,000 tiles. It’s no wonder the station is the most photographed building in New Zealand! You can also catch a train from the Dunedin Railway Station through the Taieri Gorge, a deep canyon carved by the Taieri River thousands of years ago. This sightseeing trip will take you across the rugged Otago landscape, offering spectacular scenery and plenty of photographic opportunities. You can even use this tour as part of your trip to Queenstown or Central Otago.

A stay in our Dunedin hotels puts you close to the Otago Peninsula, also known as the wildlife capital of New Zealand. A popular eco-tourism destination, the Peninsula’s beaches, green pastures and rugged volcanic landforms make for excellent sightseeing. Put on your walking shoes and take a stroll along the hilly walkways leading to cliff-side lookouts and see if you can spot seals, sea lions, a Royal Albatross or the rare and endangered Yellow Eyed Penguin. Further inland you can find Larnach Castle, the only castle in Australasia. Built by 200 workmen over a 15 year period in the 19th century, the castle was a gift from baron William Larnach to his beloved wife. Today you can explore the master craftsmanship of the castle and the lush beauty of the gardens, or even feast on a meal fit for a king!

Speaking of food, Dunedin is home to many tasty culinary delights. The Otago Farmers Market, held every Saturday morning, offers a wide range of local produce such as fruits, cheese, wine and baked goods. Those with a sweet tooth would do well to tuck into ice cream by the Gourmet Ice-Cream Company or pay a visit to the famous Cadbury World chocolate factory. Visit in July for Cadbury’s annual Chocolate Carnival, which includes the Jaffa Race, which sees bright orange chocolate balls tumble down the steepest street in the world towards the finish line. Feeling thirsty? Dunedin also has a lively pub crawl scene as well as Speight’s, the city’s very own brewery.

Experience these delights and more in this endearing city with our Dunedin accommodation and cheap flights to Dunedin.

Dunedin Hotels
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Dunedin Hotels

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  Rating Location Prices From Make a Booking
Manor Motel DUNEDIN from$115/night Book & Pay Securely
Dunthat Motel DUNEDIN from$87/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel South Otago   BALCLUTHA from$120/night Book & Pay Securely
The Victoria Hotel Dunedin DUNEDIN from$99/night Book & Pay Securely
Garden Motel NORTH DUNEDIN from$110/night Book & Pay Securely
Executive Residence DUNEDIN from$139/night Book & Pay Securely
Claremont House Dunedin DUNEDIN from$167/night Book & Pay Securely
Dunedin Palms Motel DUNEDIN from$155/night Book & Pay Securely
Leithview DUNEDIN from$130/night Book & Pay Securely
On Top Apartments & Backpackers DUNEDIN from$27/night Book & Pay Securely
Bayfield Motels DUNEDIN from$100/night Book & Pay Securely
Wot Hotel? WOT SUBURB? from$113/night Book & Pay Securely
Camp Estate at Larnach Castle DUNEDIN from$360/night Book & Pay Securely
Clearview Luxury Apartments DUNEDIN from$225/night Book & Pay Securely
Motel on York DUNEDIN from$155/night Book & Pay Securely
Edgeley Bed & Breakfast DUNEDIN from$189/night Book & Pay Securely
Best Western 555 on Bayview DUNEDIN from$134/night Book & Pay Securely
Arcadian Motel DUNEDIN from$95/night Book & Pay Securely
Carisbrook Motel CAVERSHAM from$118/night Book & Pay Securely
Leith Valley Touring Park CITY from$62/night Book & Pay Securely
Amross Motel DUNEDIN from$130/night Book & Pay Securely
Dunedin Lodge CITY from$100/night Book & Pay Securely
Lisburn House CAVERSHAM from$170/night Book & Pay Securely
Hulmes Court Bed & Breakfast DUNEDIN from$65/night Book & Pay Securely
Hazel House Boutique Bed & Breakfast DUNEDIN from$150/night Book & Pay Securely
Commodore Motel DUNEDIN from$135/night Book & Pay Securely
755 Regal Court CITY from$140/night Book & Pay Securely
Farrys Motel Apartments DUNEDIN from$130/night Book & Pay Securely
Adrian Motel Dunedin DUNEDIN from$155/night Book & Pay Securely
Chapel Apartments DUNEDIN from$165/night Book & Pay Securely
The Brothers Boutique Hotel   DUNEDIN from$155/night Book & Pay Securely
Roslyn Apartments DUNEDIN from$150/night Book & Pay Securely
97 Motel Moray DUNEDIN from$135/night Book & Pay Securely
10 Trinity Court Motel DUNEDIN from$105/night Book & Pay Securely
Owens Motel DUNEDIN from$125/night Book & Pay Securely
Tourist Court Cottages DUNEDIN from$107/night Book & Pay Securely
Arden Street House DUNEDIN from$75/night Book & Pay Securely
Alhambra Oaks Motor Lodge DUNEDIN from$143/night Book & Pay Securely
Grandview B&B DUNEDIN from$95/night Book & Pay Securely
Beach Lodge Motels DUNEDIN from$95/night Book & Pay Securely
Larnach Castle DUNEDIN from$155/night Book & Pay Securely
Bluestone On George DUNEDIN from$180/night Book & Pay Securely
Apartments At St. Clair SAINT CLAIR from$135/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel St Clair SAINT CLAIR from$145/night Book & Pay Securely
Quest Dunedin DUNEDIN from$119/night Book & Pay Securely
Friends Hill Lodge DUNEDIN from$95/night Book & Pay Securely
Wot Hotel? WOT SUBURB? from$89/night Book & Pay Securely
Scenic Hotel Dunedin City DUNEDIN from$133/night Book & Pay Securely
Woodlands Motels and Apartments DUNEDIN from$120/night Book & Pay Securely
Leviathan Hotel DUNEDIN from$28/night Book & Pay Securely
Quality Hotel Cargills DUNEDIN from$90/night Book & Pay Securely
Ocean Beach Hotel Dunedin DUNEDIN from$89/night Book & Pay Securely
Dunedin Holiday Park & Motels DUNEDIN from$36/night Book & Pay Securely
Aaron Lodge Top 10 Holiday Park DUNEDIN from$131/night Book & Pay Securely
Bella Vista Motel Mosgiel MOSGIEL from$120/night Book & Pay Securely
Mercure Dunedin Leisure Lodge DUNEDIN from$109/night Book & Pay Securely
Park Regis Dunedin DUNEDIN from$93/night Book & Pay Securely
315 Euro Motel DUNEDIN from$160/night Book & Pay Securely
Sahara Guesthouse & Motels DUNEDIN from$45/night Book & Pay Securely
Kaimata Retreat DUNEDIN from$495/night Book & Pay Securely
Alexis Motor Lodge Dunedin DUNEDIN from$129/night Book & Pay Securely
Cable Court Motel DUNEDIN from$123/night Book & Pay Securely
Esplanade Motel ST CLAIR from$165/night Book & Pay Securely
Glendinning House DUNEDIN from$380/night Book & Pay Securely
Milton House DUNEDIN from$265/night Book & Pay Securely
Scenic Hotel Southern Cross DUNEDIN from$127/night Book & Pay Securely
Manor House Backpackers DUNEDIN from$21/night Book & Pay Securely
Pacific Park Dunedin DUNEDIN from$130/night Book & Pay Securely
Allan Court Motel DUNEDIN from$148/night Book & Pay Securely
Econo Lodge Alcala Motel Dunedin DUNEDIN from$116/night Book & Pay Securely
Longbourne Lodge MOSGIEL from$125/night Book & Pay Securely
Bella Vista Dunedin DUNEDIN from$124/night Book & Pay Securely
Dunedin & Academy Court Motels DUNEDIN from$125/night Book & Pay Securely

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