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Out in the clear blue seas of the Indian Ocean, far from the shores of surrounding countries, is a collection of magical islands. The beaches are pure white, the coral is colourful and dazzling, and in the restaurants and resorts you can unwind after a long day’s swimming or snorkelling. With so many beautiful islands to enjoy, it’s a good thing the ferries are around so you can hop from one to another. Scroll down to take your pick from our beautiful Maldives hotels.


The Maldives was made for the beach. It’s a series of 26 atolls (ring shaped coral reefs) with 1,190 islands – 200 with people living on them and over 105 with resorts. Each resort has its own island, adding to this place’s appeal as a secluded getaway. The Maldives has a mysterious history. People have lived on the islands for over 3000 years, and the early folklore tells stories of sea monsters and great sorcerers. A Buddhist nation for 1000 years, the King converted to Islam in 1153, and to this day the Maldives remains a Muslim nation. This means no alcohol in public – but don’t worry, you can still enjoy a drink in your resort.

Things to see and do

You’ll land in Male, the capital of the Maldives, which is full of tall, brightly-coloured buildings. You can relax at an alcohol-free bar, check out the artificial beach, or dine at a local restaurant. Drop into the National Art Gallery or The National Museum, which will tell you all about the history of the Maldives.

With luxurious thatched-roof resorts fronting crystal-clear water, the Maldives have some of the world’s most postcard-worthy beaches and a heap of ocean activities. Dive beneath the sea and you’ll uncover walls of coral, bright colourful fish and even whale sharks, who look kind of alarming but aren’t really dangerous. You can also stay in your resort, swim some laps in the pool or unwind with a blissful massage.

Shopping and dining

Male not only has market shopping but also plenty of stores with everything you need, including fashion. The country’s restaurants make use of all the fresh seafood, but there are also great Thai restaurants and European cafes to discover, in elegantly decorated restaurants.

Getting here

Book yourself a cheap flight to Male and check out our Maldives accommodation below. Your cares will drift away as you lie back on the soft white sand and take in those ocean views.

Image credit Chi King under Creative Commons

We've got accommodation all over Maldives
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