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Stay in our Macau hotels and experience this fascinating city renowned for its historical sites and unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese cultures.

While staying in our Macau hotels, visit The Historic Centre of Macau, and see original streetscapes, piazzas and over 20 historic monuments including: The Moorish Barracks, designed by an Italian architect in the Moorish style and built in 1871 to house an Indian regiment brought in from Goa; traditional Chinese style homes, Lau Kau Mansion, built in 1889, and Manadarin House, built in 1881, made of Chinese grey bricks; sections of the Old City Walls, built by the Portuguese as early as 1569; Mount Fortress, built in the early 1600s by the Jesuits, boasting canons that have only been used once, during the Dutch invasion of 1622; St Paul's College Cathedral, which when it was built in the 16th century was the largest Christian church in Asia; Sam Kai Vui Kun (Kuan Tai Temple), established between 1723 and 1795, was built by local Chinese tradesmen, and combines Chinese and Western architecture. The temple bears historical significance as official announcements of the Qing Dynasty Government were made on the front steps and it was originally a guild house of the Sam Kai (Three Streets) Association, precursors to the Chamber of Commerce.

Choose from our range of Macau accommodation and visit the Historic Centre of Macau,which features the 16th century Temple of A-Ma, the seafarer's goddess. Legend has it that A-Ma was a poor girl looking for passage to Canton. After being refused by wealthy junk owners, she was taken on board by a lowly fishermen. A storm blew up and all boats were wrecked except the one carrying the girl. A-Ma vanished on arrival in Macau to reappear as a goddess on the spot where the fishermen built her temple. Macau's name is derived from the word A-Ma-Gau, meaning Place of A-Ma.

Visit the Macau Tower, while staying on our Macau hotels, and enjoy breath taking views, day or night, of the Pearl River Delta. Or check out the 24 hour, world class entertainment complex of Fisherman's Wharf.

While staying in our Macau hotels, try your luck at one the city's many casinos for which it is renowned. It is estimated that Macau Casinos revenue will overtake that of Las Vegas by 2009.

We've got accommodation all over Macau
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