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Nowhere else can you find the topographical diversity - that you can in India. From the inspiring Himalayas, the world’s highest mountain group; to the scared Ganges River winding itself across the country; The Great Indian Desert; tropical rainforests and white sandy beaches. Stay in our India hotels and experience the wonders of this varied subcontinent.

Our hotels in India will provide you with a great base to explore one of the country’s many cities and towns, or for our business travellers, supply all your business requirements. If visiting Mumbai, Kolkata, or Delhi, brace yourself for sprawling cities, where the historical past mingles with the present-day.

Visit the magnificent Taj Mahal, standing on the banks of the Yamuna River. Breathtakingly beautiful, the white marble, the ornamentation, the picturesque location, and the love story that is the Taj Mahal is a sight to behold. A part of India’s heritage that should not be overlooked is the folk and tribal dances. Each region of India has its own dances, performed to express joy and to celebrate special occasions such as marriage, festivals and approaching seasons. The dances are overflowing with energy and liveliness, vibrant costumes, with the dancers in tune to the rhythm of the music.

You can enjoy the tropical climate; the palm fringed white sandy beaches, lagoons and reefs, diving and water sports and local seafood cuisine. It’s your choice: whether you are walking along the beach with your feet touching the waters of the Arabian Sea on the West Coast, or the waters in the Bay of Bengal on the East Coast, or the vibrancy of Goa, we have an India resort at your desired beach location.

Our Rajasthan accommodation is the perfect base for you to experience the beauty and vastness of the sandy dunes and walled cities in the Great Indian Desert. Enjoy a camel ride through the shifting sands to view a magical sunset or visit one of the many mud-walled houses, temples, forts and palaces and architectural monuments.

Our hotels in India will provide you with the perfect accommodation to suit your needs.

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Hotels India
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