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Stay in our French Polynesia accommodation and experience this tropical paradise which offers great diving and snorkelling, deep sea fishing, the chance to experience the rich local culture and the natural beauty of volcanic mountains, lush rainforests, amazing waterfalls, blue lagoons and beaches.

Stay in our Tahiti accommodation (View Tahiti Map) and visit the country's capital Papeete, and check out the bustling public markets, offering fresh local produce, pearls and arts and handicrafts by locals. There are many things to see, while staying in our Tahiti accommodation, including: The Blowhole of Arahoho, which throws water high into the air; the open air temples of Mahaiatea, Papara Marae Grotto and Arahurahu; the Paul Gauguin Museum and Botanical Gardens in Papeari; and The Lagoonarium de Tahiti which boasts four fish parks and an amazing underwater display.

Stay in our Marquesas Islands accommodation and experience the islands of French Polynesia known as The Mysterious Islands. The Marquesas Islands, have been virtually untouched since European exploration and their isolation means that local culture unique and strong. Stay in our Nuku Hiva accommodation and visit the Taipivai Valley and see ancient temples and large tiki. Visit the village of Hatiheu and see the famous Kamuihei and Hikoku sites known for their petroglyphs and ruins. Or stay in our Hiva Oa accommodation and see the restored ceremonial complex in Taaoa Valley.

Stay in our Raiatea accommodation and explore the island which was the centre of culture and religion over 1000 years ago. The word “Raiatea” means "faraway heaven" and "sky with soft light" and the island is considered sacred and is shrouded in myth and legend. While staying in our Raiatea accommodation, take a canoe ride and explore the Faaroa River and see the huge ancient temple of the legendary Taputapuatea. While staying in our Raiatea accommodation, see the Tiare Apetahi flower, so rare that it only grows on Mt Temehani on Raiatea. Legend has it that the five petals of the flower represent the hand of a common girl who died of a broken heart after she was not allowed to marry her love, the son of the Tahitian king. Each dawn the petals of the flower open with a slight crackling sound which represents the girl's broken heart. The island also boasts vanilla plantations and the best preserved historical site in Polynesia, the Taputapuatea Marae complex.

For a sneak peak of what's on offer in this tropical paradise, check out these great Tahiti travel photos.

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