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The gateway to Eastern Europe; Croatia. Its diversity is breathtaking, over 5800 kms of coastline, rolling hills, plains, lakes and wooded mountains. The Croatians’ will delight you with their hospitality and awe you with the number of museums in the city’s capital Zagreb. Why not choose from one of our hotels in Croatia and explore all the wonders that Croatia has to offer?

Croatia has recovered from the tragic Serb-Croatian conflict in Croatia during 1991-1995. You will still see evidence of the destruction that was caused to the historic buildings and the natural wilderness, however significant restoration has occurred and towns such as Spilt, Dubrovnik, Trogir are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Charter a yacht, book a cruise or hire a boat to explore the 4000 kms of island, reef and craggy rock coastline, or visit one of the 1185 islands and chartered rocks. Plot your journey along the Dalmatian coast starting with the secluded beaches, from bay to bay, island to island; anchor against a coastal town harbour or at anchor off an island and become a part of the local lifestyle, enjoying excellent seafood and great music. Use our Dalmatia, Dubrovnik or Split accommodation as a base for exploring the blue waters and historic coastal towns.

It’s not just about the blue waters either, the green countryside is equally enticing! Plitvice Lakes National Park, is home to a series of beautiful waterfalls and lakes surrounded by dense forests. Northern Velebit National Park will take you trekking high into the mountains peaks to explore the beautiful wilderness and caves and reward you with spectacular views.

Choose to stay in our Zagreb hotels to explore the delights that the capital offers you. Zagreb boasts a rich cultural heritage, dating back as a settlement from the 11th century and the capital since the 16th century. Almost all the city’s attractions are located in Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and Donji Grad (Lower Town), so jump on the old funicular railway to take you between the two towns. Plan your route through the narrow streets and stone gates and be sure to include some of the following monuments: manor houses, churches, galleries, palaces, and one of the 30 museums. Ride the cable car to the top of the Mount of Medvednica, for a beautiful view of Zagreb.

Lastly - but certainly not least - the east of Croatia, is famous for its picturesque wine country, wide plains and the great rivers of the Save, Danube and Drava that sweep through this region. Stay in our Croatia accommodation and be introduced to the Solvonian region, to the Croatian folk heritage, its cuisine, music and lifestyle. Book your hotel today and explore the wonders of Croatia!

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Hotel Croatia
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