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Stay in our Cook Islands accommodation and experience this tropical paradise made up of 15 islands dotted over 2 million square kms of the Pacific Ocean. (View Cook Islands Map) The Cook Islands lie in the centre of the Polynesian Triangle, which consists of The Kingdom of Tonga, the Samoas and French Polynesia. Migration to the Cook Islands began with the Polynesians in 800 AD and continued with the Christian missionaries in 1821. The Cook Islands has a population of around 18,000 and they consider themselves to be true Polynesians. English is widely spoken on the Cook Islands, but the official language is Cook Islands Mãori or Maori Kuki Airani.

Stay in our Cook Islands accommodation and visit the vibrant island of Rarotonga. The circular island boasts lush rainforest, mountain peaks and palm-fringed shores and is surrounded by a reef with a lagoon. Avarua, the Cook Island's capital, is located on Rarotonga Island. Many lagoon and reef cruises depart from Avarua and some boasts offer glass floors to view the colour life beneath the clear blue waters.

Visit Atiu, while staying in our Cook Islands accommodation, and explore the third largest island of the Cook Islands, which is made up of a central mass of volcanic rock surrounded by a coral reef and boasts a wide variety of birdlife.

While staying in our Cook Islands accommodation be sure to visit the island of Aitutaki, which is less than hour's flight from Rarotonga. Join a day tour from Rarotonga and experience the natural beauty and tranquillity of Aitutaki.

Treat your taste buds, while staying in our Cook Island accommodation, by trying food baked the traditional Polynesian way in an underground oven or umi. Or sample the diverse range of food on offer in restaurants and cafes throughout the Cook Islands, referred to as "Polynesian Fusion’.

While staying in our Cook Islands accommodation, discover the rich local culture by attending a traditional festival or by purchasing some traditional handicrafts such as wood and shell carving and colourful tapa cloths. The Islanders also sell unique black pearls.

Our Cook Islands accommodation is perfect for a diving or snorkelling holiday as the Islands are surrounded by clear blue water with temperatures of between 23 and 30 degrees Celcius and visibility rarely less then 30m. The Islands are surrounded by reefs containing 73 species of coral, various wrecks and amazingly colourful marine life. Or if sailing takes you fancy, stay in our Rarotinga accommodation and visit Muri Beach, the sailing and windsurfing centre of the Cook Islands. Don't forget your flights to the Cook Islands!

We've got accommodation all over Cook Islands
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