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China may be known as ‘The Sleeping Giant’, but go on a trip to this incredible country and you’ll never want to close your eyes. There’s so much to see and do in China, from exploring some of the world’s most famous landmarks, to shopping up a storm, to feasting on Chinese delicacies. Wherever you decide to go, we have great deals on hotels in China across the country.

Beijing is the capital of China and is chock-full of culture and famous attractions. Here you can visit the Badaling section of the famous Great Wall of China, which stretches over 21,000km across the country. With scenes of lush, green forests and tall mountain peaks visible along the way, it’s not hard to see why Badaling is the most popular section of the Great Wall. Step back in time with a visit to the Forbidden City, the largest royal palace in China that was used for over five centuries. Covering 720,000m2 and housing 980 buildings, it’s no wonder it’s called a city! Here you can see beautiful examples of ancient Chinese architecture, with carved wooden walls, tall ceilings, intricate wall sculptures and roofs with sweeping edges everywhere you look. There are also collections of Chinese artefacts across the centuries such as delicate ceramics, ceremonial bronzeware and fine pieces of jade. Of course, China’s fascinating history can also be discovered through a performance by the Beijing Opera or with a visit to the National Museum of China.

Cultural and historical hotspots aren’t just limited to Beijing though. Head to Xi’an to explore the capital of Shaanxi Province, which was the capital for 13 dynasties and 73 emperors. Xi’an is also where you’ll find the famous Terracotta Army, a collection of figures depicting thousands of soldiers, horses and others, created to protect the first Emperor of China in the afterlife. Guangzhou, the capital of the Guangdong Province, has a similarly stunning attraction at the Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, a tomb 20 metres underground containing the body of the second king of Nanyue, who wears a burial suit made out of over 2000 pieces of jade.

For a taste of modern, glamorous China, Shanghai is for you. Brace your bank account because this is the shopping capital of China! Whether you’re after hot designer brands, bargain buys, knock-offs or antiques, you’ll find them all here. Discover the culturally significant Bund, a waterfront area with gorgeous Western-style buildings that are lit up and dazzle at night, or take a trip to the more traditional Jade Buddha Temple, the home of two large, rare Buddha statues carved from sparkling blocks of jade. It has to be seen to be believed! But don’t leave Shanghai without trying a xiaolongbao (or twenty), a steamed bun filled with soup and meat.

These destinations are just the tip of the iceberg; why not go for broke and explore them all? Our range of accommodation in China and cheap flights to China will help you get around and experience this exciting hotbed of culture and history.

We've got accommodation all over China
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