Gold Coast - Rainbow Bay Hotels

Gold Coast - Rainbow Bay Hotels

Surfers Paradise isn’t the only beach worth visiting on the Gold Coast. Rainbow Bay in Coolangatta is an amazing spot for surfing, swimming and water sports, and it’s close to Coolie’s dining and nightlife, as well as the New South Wales border. You won’t find any Metre Maids or wild beach parties here, just refreshing blue water, rocky shores, sunshine and the thriving seaside town of Coolangatta! Book your Rainbow Bay hotel with us now to put some colour into your holiday.

Like the name of its most famous suburb suggests, the Gold Coast is indeed a paradise for surfers, swimmers and those who love the ocean, with over 52km of golden shorelines and awesome coastal scenery like national parks and walking tracks. Coolangatta was named after the ship that was wrecked here in 1846, and it has a twin town just over the border: Tweed Heads. If you’re flying into the coast, Rainbow Bay is an extremely convenient place to stay - less than 10 minutes’ drive from the Gold Coast Airport.

Rainbow Bay is a 300m-long beach with hills and trees on the shoreline that’s a great place to take a surfing lesson, swim or jet ski. You can watch the sun go down from the balcony of Cafe Dbar, an art gallery and restaurant that overlooks the sandy stretch. A rocky point separates Rainbow Bay from Snapper Rocks Beach, which is the most crowded surf beach in Australia because of its epic waves. If surfing isn’t your thing, you can explore the rocky shoreline or soak in the shallow rock pools while a big green frog (actually a painted rock) watches you. If you’d rather stay dry, there’s a pleasant beachside boardwalk with nice views of the beach for you to explore.

Close to Rainbow Bay, you’ll find plenty to do day or night in Coolangatta. There are beachfront restaurants and cafes and exciting annual events like the Coolangatta Gold, a surf lifesaving competition inspired by a fictional 1984 film with the same name. Coolie is also an excellent place for nightlife, with plenty of live music at venues like the Coolangatta Hotel and Twin Towns. Of course, you’ll want to explore the rest of the Gold Coast while you’re here: the busy tourist destination of Surfers Paradise, the theme parks and other beaches and the hidden joys of the Gold Coast hinterland.

Book your Rainbow Bay accommodation and a flight to the Gold Coast with us now. Because like the champion of the Coolangatta Gold, it’s a winner.

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Gold Coast - Rainbow Bay Hotels
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