Southport Golf Club

Southport Golf Club

The Southport Golf Club is one of the premier golfing destinations on the Gold Coast. Over the past few years, this course has undergone some substantial changes. Therefore, you will find an array of excellent amenities and modern facilities.

The club’s experienced staff is always ready to help guests by all means.

Southport Golf Course Gold Coast, Qld

The owners have invested millions of dollars in modernising this course. Therefore, guests will find an endless variety of guest amenities. This fully private club is for members only, so doesn’t have any corporate days.

As the club is centrally located on the Gold Coast, you can easily access this course. Due to their newly revamped irrigation system, there is an abundant supply of recycled water, resulting a well-maintained course all through the year.

A number of community and social events are held at this club throughout the year. Check out their event calendar if you want to learn more about their upcoming events.

The club boasts a par 71 championship course with excellent layout and beautiful fairways. Members will get access to a range of outstanding array of amenities at this golf club.

Southport Golf Club Information

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Slatyer Ave, Southport


Phone: (07) 5571 1444

Membership Fees : July 2013 – June 2014
Ordinary Members – $1,655
Provisional Members – $1,655
Women Ordinary – $1,655
Country Member – $1,160
Junior Member 21 to Under 25 – $955
Junior Member Under 21 – $495
Limited Playing Member – $320
Women – $1,210
Junior Female 21 to Under 25 – $725
Junior Female Under 21 – $365
Limited Playing Women – $320
Limited Playing Junior – $320

Joining Fees:
Members – $1,200
Women – $1,200
Junior Member 21 to Under 25 – $300
Junior Female 21 to Under 25 – $300

Visitor Green Fees: $70.00 per person
Competition Fees: $10.00 per person
Motorised Carts: $34.00 per cart

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