Springbrook National Park

For all those nature lovers heading to the gorgeous coastal city of the Gold Coast will be happy to know that the area houses some of the most amazing forests and pristine parks. Come here to explore the famous Springbrook National Park rainforest boasting a verdant setting with pristine steams, waterfalls and a wide array of bird and animal species.

This park is also known for certain activities such as rainforest walking and glow-worm watching; where guests can take the 4.5km long rainforest walking trail to explore the park’s unseen spots and enjoy the most scenic views near the stream and waterfalls.

Springbrook National Park Camping & Walks, Australia

Discover this wonderful world heritage site by taking a typical bushwalk tour through the grassy and rocky pathways within the park. You will come across an array of scenic areas covered with Antarctic Beech trees, fir and palm trees and adjacent waterfalls.

These spots are popular venues for family picnics and romantic outings, and in addition, the park offers five walking trails within this beautiful park’s plateau. Guests can also take the scenic tours that cover all popular trails, rainforest walk, lookouts and all scenic spots including the lakes and waterfalls.

The Springbrook National park is also an excellent spot where you can check out the “natural arch” formation of caves. Catch the spectacular views of Byron bay from the popular lookouts within this park, and explore the wide array of native bird and animal species in their natural habitat.

For those taking guided tours will cover all scenic spots, rainforest, twin falls circuit, cascading waterfalls and marvellous lookouts that the park offers. And don’t forget to bring your camera, as you will surely want to capture certain breathtaking views.

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