Numinbah Valley

Numinbah Valley
To add some adventure and fun to your Gold Coast vacation, take a trip to the Numinbah Valley for a 3 hour-long adventure trail ride and unlimited activities.

Start your trip with horseback riding and continue with various other activities at this wonderful venue. During this 3 hour horse trail ride, you will surely come across something interesting and new.

Numinbah Valley Bush Camping & Adventure Trails

This conveniently located valley is easily accessible from the Gold Coast Hinterland; where horse lovers will definitely enjoy this unique trail ride across the scenic hinterland and across the charming coastline of the Gold Coast.

The Numinbah Valley is truly a paradise that offers adventure and fun to each guest of all age groups. Whether or not you love horse trails, this adventure trip will surely offer you an exciting experience.

You will get a wide choice of horses and activities throughout your scenic adventure trip, where you can enjoy watching the pristine rivers, farms, mountains and the stretches of rainforests across the Gold Coast Hinterland. While exploring the 2500 acre property housing farms, cattle sheds and crop lands, you will be able to see some of the most scenic views of the hinterland and its surrounding.

After exploring the valley, head to the quaint township of Numinbah; where guests can take the bushwalking trails and hiking trails across the verdant areas. Try visiting the local galleries and museums to understand and learn more about the Aboriginals of Australia and visit the Numinbah forest reserve to spend some time in a tranquil setting boasting eucalyptus, waterfall creek and silky oaks.

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Numinbah Valley QLD

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