Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

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Natural Bridge on the Gold Coast is an amazing natural formation that everyone shouldn’t miss. Located within the Springbrook National Park, this unusual geological feature attracts a number of tourists and geologists around the worldwide. Researchers guess that this naturally formed bridge-like structure got created over millions of years due to the corrosion on rocks of the basalt cave’s roof by tumbling water.

While visiting the popular Springbrook National Park, you can come to see this amazing bridge and its nearby scenic attractions; and as the sun sets, the area glows with the tiny glow-worms. A number of guests come here specially to watch these fascinating creatures moving around and across the forest. You can also checkout the nearby lookouts and other attractions inside the lush forest.

Natural Bridge Springbrook National Park, Qld

Guests heading to the Natural Bridge can take a stroll across the natural arch over Cave Creek and see the beautiful waterfall and its adjacent caves. A number of couples and families come here to enjoy picnic and relax within a tranquil environment inside the rainforest.

You can also take a nocturnal tour to see thousands of delicate glow-worms, luminous fungi and the amazing fireflies; while during the day, you can explore the area’s diverse wildlife and flora.

Bushwalkers find the Natural Bridge very interesting, as the area offers a number of easy to difficult trails and multitude of tracks that lead to various scenic points of Springbrook National Park.

Natural Bridge Information

For all those driving to the Natural Bridge, take the Pacific Highway and turn off at Nerang to reach the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road; this is the nearest access road for reaching the Natural Bridge. A vast number of people come to this amazing heritage site for picnicking, relaxing, activities and trails.

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