Currumbin Valley

Indulge in a stunning natural environment of the Currumbin Valley while holidaying in the coastal city of the Gold Coast. This beautiful valley boasts a tranquil environment with remnants of rainforests, uprising hills and many scenic points.

Recently, Currumbin Valley’s Eco-village got awarded as a sustainable urban development area. While offering a wonderful venue for the residents to stay, this amazing eco-village is a finest example of a perfect community in Australia.

Currumbin Valley Walks & Waterfalls, Qld

Regarded as the ‘Green Soul’ of the southern suburbs of the Gold Coast, Currumbin Valley is one highly visited ecologically rich valley, housing some beautiful lakes, creeks, rainforests and rock pools, cascading waterfalls and a number of picnic spots. Whether you want to swim, hike or picnic, the Currumbin Valley is a great choice for you.

Currumbin Valley is also considered as a world heritage site for its sub-tropical rainforest. As the valley merges with the northern rim of Mt Warning Caldera, you will also come across some stony pathways and rock pools within the valley’s vicinity. Even the Mt Cougal’s twin peaks are viewed from the lookouts at Currumbin Valley.

Children will also enjoy watching a number of wildlife species and a diverse range of native birds within the valley. Guests can choose any of the activities such as bushwalking, scenic drives, tours, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and trekking at this charming valley.

Shoppers will also love this place, as the Eco-village offers a number of fashion stores and shopping centres, with the local flea markets the most popular. You can check out the fresh produce, tasty treats, locally made goods, fabrics, art and crafts here.

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