Best of All Lookout

Best of All Lookout

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While visiting the popular Spingbrook National Park, don’t miss to visit the Best of all lookout. This lookout is known as the best viewing point on the Gold Coast that offers some of the most fascinating views of the surroundings.

Best of all lookout is within the Springbrook park and from here, you will get the most amazing views of the entire plateau and ancient Antarctic Beech forest.

Best of All Lookout Location, Springbrook, Qld

The lookout is known for its panoramic view points, from which you will get to see both Byron Bay and Coolangatta and is at a convenient distance from the park’s entrance. It will take 15-20 minutes for you to cover the entire lookout area of 700 metres and return to the starting point.

Walk highlights include panoramic views of Gondwana Rainforests Heritage area, wildlife and bird watching and of course the outstanding views of the Springbrook National Park.

This typical walk along the lookout is under an easy stroll class; hence, it takes only a few minutes to cover the entire area. The lookout doesn’t include wheel chair access, and it’s recommended not to bring ailing persons or children as the lookout has a few cliffs and serious injury can result due to walking near the cliff edges.

The best time to visit the lookout is during the early morning hours or late afternoon; where you will be able to get the most scenic views of the surroundings. Guests can also take a walk through the Antarctic forest and explore the wildlife and bird life that the park has to offer.

The area also serves as a great picnic spot for families and couples alike. So whether your interest is to picnic or hike, you can come to the Best of all lookout in Springbrook with your entire family.

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