Gold Coast Skydiving


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Why not try something unique and adventurous during your next Gold Coast vacation? Indulge in an extreme adventure sports like skydiving at any of the training and ride centres across the gorgeous coastal city.

Experience the zero gravity fall while enjoying the panoramic scenic views of the Gold Coast from a height of 14,000 feet above the sea level during your free fall while doing the audacious activity.

Skydive on the Gold Coast

Enjoy skydiving in a tranquil beachside setting and watch the magical views of the breathtaking landscape from the top. You will surely experience something thrilling when you fall from a height of 14,000 feet.

Skydiving will certainly offer you a magical experience, with such activities safe and fun-filled. However, guests with health issues should avoid such extreme adventure activities.

Your skydiving experience includes a small training session before your diving. A trainer also accompanies you all through your ride till you land on the ground. Once you arrive at the skydive spot, you will be given comfortable clothes and accessories that you need.

As Gold Coast skydiving is a popular activity, pre-booking is advised for visitors. If you have any plans to visit the Gold Coast in near future, then try booking in advance by fixing an appointment. You can browse through the skydive directory and shortlist few based on your choice.

Whether or not you are an extreme adventure lover, you will surely enjoy this awesome activity. A number of skydiving companies also offer special discounted quotes for larger groups. The ride also includes a complementary photograph during your adventurous dive session.

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