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Australia Domestic Flights

When you want to take a holiday to the capital city of Victoria, you shouldn't bother driving. That takes way too long. Instead, check out Wotif's price-friendly airfares on flights to Melbourne and book one now so you can go shopping at Queen Victoria Market, the biggest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere.

Haven't you ever wanted to catch a live show at one of the most recognised venues on the planet? Snap up of Wotif's incredible deals on Sydney flights quickly, because those opera singers can only hold a note for so long. And no trip to this city is complete without climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Don't worry about falling—you'll be strapped to something the entire time.

Price-Friendly Trips to Melbourne

Hey, check this out! Wotif has a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to book cheap flights to Melbourne. Seriously, you'll spend less on a plane ticket than you would on tanks of petrol. Well…maybe less. And you know what that means? You'll have plenty of extra money to do cool stuff, like ride the Melbourne Star and see a cricket match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

How does flying across Australia sound? Pretty good, right? Browse our ridiculous offers on flights to Perth and spend a week or so gallivanting around the capital of Western Australia. Once in town, explore the Perth Zoo and go wine tasting in the Swan Valley. Can't get any better than that.

Do you know what only lasts an hour and twenty-five minutes? Flights from Sydney to Melbourne, that's what! Take advantage of Wotif's incredible deals on plane tickets and book one now. You'll land before your in-flight movie is over. And after you land, it's very important you head straight for the Young and Jackson for a cold Victoria Bitter. Gotta spend the money you saved with our cheap airfares on something delicious, right?

From Victoria to New South Wales

When the time comes to get the heck out of your office for a week, leave. If you happen to be in Melbourne, check out Wotif's incredible deals on flights from Melbourne to Sydney and book one today. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse, a packed bag and a hankering for sun-tanning on Bondi Beach.

You want flights? Wotif has flights. Cheap flights.

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New Zealand Domestic Flights

We've looked into the future, and we foresee you going on a holiday trip to a place where sheep outnumber people. This means, of course, that you should check out Wotif's awesome New Zealand flights and book one before you clock out for the day. Once you've purchased your cheap tickets, start planning your itinerary of wine tasting and sheep viewing.

Want us to get more specific? If you want to see the largest city in the country, book one of Wotif's flights to Auckland before you change your mind or your boss decides to cancel your annual leave. How else are you going to take pictures from the top of the Sky Tower or explore the Auckland Domain?

See the South Island's Biggest City

Now, New Zealand comprises two main islands, and on the South Island is a city that's well worth a visit. Why? Because you can check out the Air Force Museum of New Zealand, as well as the Canterbury Museum. There's also some animal park that imitates the Arctic. All you have to do is book one of our flights to Christchurch and voila! Arctic foxes everywhere.

On the North Island of New Zealand is a city that's about as scenic as an issue of National Geographic. It's a place where you can take a walk through a traditional Maori village and hike the slopes of an extinct volcano. The only way to have access to all this and more is to book one of Wotif's amazing Rotorua flights and leave as soon as you can.

Visit the Capital

If you think that the capital of New Zealand is Wellington, give yourself a pat on the back. Now browse Wotif for airfares and book one of your cheap Wellington flights today so you'll be able to ride the famous cable car tomorrow. And be sure to take a tour of the Beehive, the very recognisable executive wing of the country's parliament.

It's Not Kingstown

When you're ready for spending a holiday doing nothing but cool stuff in the great outdoors, get one of Wotif's Queenstown flights. You'll be able to go for a high-speed jetboat ride across Lake Wakatipu. After you've gathered yourself, take a wine tour around Lake Hayes. Nothing better than adrenaline and vino.

When it comes to booking the cheapest flights to New Zealand, your only option should be Wotif. Now get going!

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International Flights

Forget about taking a holiday trip to the next town over. That's not nearly adventurous for you. You don't just want to get out of town, you want to get out of the country. And luckily for you, Wotif has unbelievable offers on international flights so you can go to Switzerland, Japan or Iceland on a dime.

Fly Internationally

The United Kingdom is loaded with majestic cities like Dublin, Edinburgh, Belfast and London. Speaking of that last one, Wotif also has incredible offers on flights to London that you should be taking advantage of as you read this. Book one as soon as possible and you'll be running around Piccadilly Circus before you know it.

How does taking an extended holiday to a place whose nickname is the "Island of Gods" sound to you? It should sound pretty good, considering you'll be able to surf in some of the world's best waves, as well as hang out at a monkey temple and drink as many Bintang beers as you want (maybe not at the same time). All you have to do is book one of Wotif's Bali flights and it's all possible.

We know you've been dreaming about eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant that calls the Eiffel Tower home. Let's be honest, who hasn't fantasised about that? Well, with all the money you saved by booking one of Wotif's cheap flights to Paris you'll be able to enjoy a lovely meal and champagne at the gourmet Le Jules Verne.

Welcome to the World

If any city in the world comes in a close second to being named "The City That Never Sleeps", it has to be Thailand's capital of Bangkok. This place oozes energy like you wouldn't believe. Don't believe us? Reserve one of Wotif's flights to Bangkok and explore the area of Khaosan Road. You can sample the local bugs and buy some really weird souvenirs.

Think you have what it takes to make it big in Hollywood? Want to rub elbows with celebrities? What about fight off paparazzi? All right, so we can't guarantee any of that will happen if you make a beeline for "La La Land", but we can guarantee that Wotif has unbeatable offers on Los Angeles flights. What are you waiting for?

There's no better service to book flights abroad than Wotif, so don't even try. The offers on airfares and cheap flights are second-to-none, so take advantage of them now.

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