Gold Coast Helicopter Flights

Gold Coast Helicopter Flights

By Adrian Pingstone - via Wikimedia Commons

A helicopter flight is truly one of the best ways to enjoy the most spectacular views of a city. Whether it is a hill-side town or a coastal city, your helicopter ride will surely amaze you with the most panoramic views of the landscape.

So, how about taking part in any of the Gold Coast helicopter flights? This exciting activity will thrill you for sure and not to forget the gorgeous views of the hinterland and coastline as you fly across the sky above the cerulean sandy beaches.

Gold Coast Helicopters

A number of nature photographers choose such activity by taking a ride on any of the helicopter flights. You can choose any one of the popular helicopter flights tours including the scenic tours, photography flights and private charter tours. Experience the most amazing sights from the sky by taking a ride on a helicopter flight.

Gold Coast Helitours offer you a wide choice of helicopter flights groups and special occasions, including a number of luxury fleets perfect for wedding, anniversary and birthdays.

Take a ride across the Gold Coast on your very special day and experience something new and exciting with your loved ones. You can also choose a daytime or night tour to experience the panoramic views of the scenic Gold Coast.

Helicopters airports include Sea World, Fisherman’s Wharf, Coolangatta airport and at Jupiters casino.

You can choose any type of scenic tours based on your preference. Whether you choose to fly over the CBD, beach area or the hinterland, helicopter flights will surely offer you a memorable touring experience.

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