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Flight Simulator

By Dustin Kelling [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Get an amazing experience of flying a real commercial flight by choosing a flight simulator ride. Board the aircraft and choose your favourite destination, and fly from city to city within your 30 minute simulator ride. You will be able to practice few techniques of take offs and landing as it is in an actual commercial flight.

You will board the popular Boeing 737 or 800 aircraft at the flight simulator venue in the beautiful area of Surfers Paradise. Come to experience something unique and adventurous by boarding the makeshift Boeing aircraft.

Gold Coast Jet Flight Simulators

During your 30 minute flight simulator experience, you will be the pilot; however, there will be a flight instructor and real pilot sitting next to you. This ride will truly amaze you with an unforgettable experience on a true-to-life flight simulator.

Get the real feel of carrying 150 passengers onboard and getting them to their desired destination within the estimated time. If you are hoping for a relaxing take off and landing, then you’ll be surprised to see the reduced visibility when your aircraft is approaching land. Get the once-in-a-life-time experience to become a real pilot of an actual aircraft of B737-800.

Practice the most challenging sessions of take offs and landing, follow your pre-flight briefing and hands on guidance carefully and get ready for this unique and adventurous experience on the Gold Coast.

Guests can pre-book the rides by visiting their website or calling them, and if you have any plans to visit the Gold Coast soon, don’t miss this popular and one-of-a-kind adventurous ride.

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