Gold Coast Joy Flights

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While in the Gold Coast, guests can plan for exploring the scenic beauty of the area by taking aerial joy flights. These unique flight tours will offer you an exhilarating experience, while taking you over the breathtaking hinterland and gorgeous beaches.

Experience a ride full of thrills and excitement when you fly across the Gold Coast sky and discover the greatest scenery of this coastal paradise of Queensland.

Gold Coast Flying Lessons

Guests can choose different types of joy flights; you can choose a scenic joy flight tour, a romantic tour or a 30 minute exploratory tour; with the tours offering you a unique and different experience.

No matter how many tours you choose, you will surely love this amazing activity. This tour is best enjoyed during day time, however, evening and night tours are also available for the guests. You can surprise your loved ones with a romantic joy ride tour on any special days.

Indulge in a unique experience to explore the gorgeous scenic beauty that the Gold Coast has to offer. Regarded as one of the most spectacular cities in the world, the Gold Coast and its scenery are best enjoyed through a scenic joy flight.

The Gold Coast boasts an array of tour companies that offer specific tours. Guests can plan to book in advance by browsing through the respective company’s websites and selecting the one that best caters their needs.

Enjoy the picturesque scenery of the hinterland and the panoramic views of the azure coastline from your flight. You can also choose a special scenic joy flight tour to see the wineries, caves, forests and many other panoramic landscapes that the city houses.

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