Summafieldayze Gold Coast 2015

Summafieldayze Gold Coast

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Enjoy your Gold Coast vacation with the music festival, Summafieldayze. While experiencing the paradise with surrounding azure sea, verdant forest and many tourist attractions, get your tickets and indulge in this wonderful music festival with your whole family and friends.

As one of the city’s most popular music festivals, Summafieldayze attracts a number of spectators from around the world. Apart from just music, the event also boasts dance programs and an array of entertainment and activities.

Summafieldayze Gold Coast Tickets

Come to the Gold Coast and enjoy Queensland’s biggest dance music festival with many amusement options for guests of all ages. Whether you choose to sit back and enjoy the music or indulge in some fun-filled activities, the music festival has plenty of fun things to do.

You will also find many new and aspiring singers and bands performing, along with popular bands and singers launching some of their new albums and upcoming albums. So get your tickets and enjoy some the new array of summer hit-lists of some popular music act performing here.

As summer is a peak tourist season in the Gold Coast, several visitors head to this amazing coastal city to enjoy their hot summers in this paradise. If you have any plans to visit the Gold Coast in summer, then plan for attending this show to have unlimited fun with your whole family, friends and spouse.

Whatever you taste and age is, this Gold Coast event will certainly make you feel enthralled with many new summer hits and many popular rocking performances. With the new addition of the Summafieldayze road trip in 2014, the show will be a huge hit among guests from the Gold Coast, and all parts of Australia and abroad.

Summafieldayze Gold Coast Information

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The Spit, Main Beach, Gold Coast
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  • Hi team

    Just wanted to know if the tickets and dates for summerfield days in Gold Coast have been realised ???


    • Hi Tammy,

      I just checked and it appears that no dates have been released yet on any of the ticket websites.

      Also I checked the official Facebook page and it looks like a week ago they posted a teaser image about a thing called “Beachlife”. Considering it appears to be around the same dates in Jan, it is safe to say that this has replaced it. More info can be found at

      I’ll seek to create a new event page shortly.


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