Showcase National Dance Championships 2015

showcase national dance championships
The Gold Coast proudly hosts the most prestigious and professional dance competition of the nation known as the Showcase National dance Championship; where thousands of participants enrolling every year to showcase their dance skills and professional dance knowledge, while competing against each other.

This is the most prestigious and professional dance competition of Australia and New Zealand and is currently celebrating over 20 successful years of competition.

Showcase National Dance Championships, Broadbeach Gold Coast

The posh venue of Jupiters Casino and Hotels hosts this popular event, with over 100 dance schools and many people from all parts of Australia, United States and New Zealand, participating every year. No matter what your speciality is, you can perform and compete with other participants to win the huge prize money.

With the audition, workshops, dance fair and the finals competition, this amazing event offers you a whole week of excitement and entertainment, with real dance divas and stars showcasing their amazing dance moves on famous tunes. Apart from the handsome prize money of $5,000, the participants get national and international exposure during this week-long event.

The event not only offers an amazing platform for local dancers and dance groups, but also offers an excellent opportunity for novice dancers to learn new dance forms and international dance styles.

The event includes various teams classified based on their age groups; including petite 8 under, junior team ranging from 9 to 11 years, teens, pre-teens and senior divisions ranging from 15 to 19 years.

The event also offers free trips to countries like Canada and USA exclusively for the winners.

Showcase National Dance Championships Information

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Jupiters Hotel and Casino, Jupiters Casino Dr, Broadbeach, Gold Coast

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  • Trish

    I would like to know the dates for comp’s in Jan 2014?


    • Hi Trish,

      I just checked their website and the dates for the National Finals at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast is January 14-20, 2014.


  • Hi, just wondering what section Sophia Lucia will be in???

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