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Book your 2014 Schoolies accommodation for your stay in Surfers Paradise and on the Gold Coast.

Schoolies week is a typical Australian tradition that allows high school graduates enjoy a three week-long holiday just after their last exams. As one of the most popular events among youngsters, Schoolies in the Gold Coast draws thousands of visitors from all across the nation.

Schoolies Gold Coast 2014 Week Dates

In this coastal paradise, whether you want to enjoy music concerts, do some beach activities or relax, this event has everything for you within a vibrant setting across the beach.

Typically, the festival runs for a span of three weeks and usually it starts from the end of November till early December. The event was first started in the Gold Coast and later it spread over the state of Queensland; and now gets celebrated all over Australia.

The event symbolizes the freedom among young students; hence this iconic event is well enjoyed by over 35,000 visitors from all across the nation. Each week, the festival invites guests from different states in Australia.

Whether you are a fresh graduate or not, come to this event to enjoy the festivities with the high school graduates, while indulging in a pulsating setting next to the cerulean beach of the Gold Coast.

Schoolies Gold Coast Information

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Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Event Dates:
November 22 – 29, 2014


Phone: 13 74 68


  • Hi I’m going to surfers on the 14th December 2013 and planning on going to the theme parks etc how busy will it be and are schoolies still hanging around and also is it a mess from schoolies? Thanks Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      Most of the Schoolies would have left by then (most of the official events would have finished the week prior and teenagers getting a hotel room outside of the festival would be hard), but odds are that it will still be busy as it’s getting into peak season and you are going to be going on a Saturday.

      Having said that, arrive early and head straight to the best attractions of the park (Superman Escape for Movie World, and the Buzzsaw and Tower of Terror for Dreamworld) and you might get a few rides before the queues form. Additionally, for like $20, you can get a Q4U system at Dreamworld and ride twice the amount of rides – it’s similar to Disney’s Fastpass system.

      Have a great holiday!


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