Volvik RACV Ladies Masters 2014

As one of most esteemed Golf tournaments, the ANZ Ladies Masters is a major drawcard for a number of visitors and golf enthusiasts, with a number of popular and aspiring players showcasing their talents and competing for the title every year.

During the 1990 Ladies Masters, the tournament was at the Gold Coast’s Palm Meadow Course; but since then, the Gold Coast Royal Pines Resort hosts this amazing event every year.

Later, the tournament got sponsored by both Philip Morris Limited and the Royal Pines Resort. In the year 2000, the Philip Morris sponsorship ended and ANZ took over the title rights later in 2001. Today, the Royal Automobile Club manage and regulate this esteemed event. Every year, a number of international and national visitors come to the Gold Coast to watch and enjoy this popular professional golf championship.

Volvik RACV Ladies Masters Golf, Gold Coast

The Volvik RACVmasters has becomes a key for women’s golf in Queensland and Australia, with several new and aspiring players joining every year, making the Australian Ladies Masters becoming one of the biggest sports events for all golf enthusiasts. The Volvik RACV Ladies Masters is also co-sanctioned by the Australian Ladies Professional Golf and the Ladies European Tour.

While representing up to twenty countries, the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters offers an excellent opportunity for players from all parts of the world; hence, it is one of the best women’s golf tournaments for women not only in Australia, but also around the world.

ANZ Ladies Masters Information

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RACV Royal Pines Resort,Ross Street, Benowa Gold Coast
Event Dates:
TBA (Feb 2015)


Phone: (08) 8373 2881
Email: bobtuohy@tagolf.com.au

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