Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo 2014

Apart from the regular shows, events and exhibitions, the Gold Coast also hosts a unique pets show, known as the Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo. This is a local event exclusively for those residents with pets, and includes a variety of presentations, exhilarating programs, exhibits, amusements and various fun-filled activities.

You will also find a number of well-known pet-care experts at this popular exhibition, where pet owners can contact them for some tips and suggestions.

Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo

At the Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo, you are most likely to come across a number of innovative products and accessories used for animal care and grooming. You can browse through the food products, medicines, accessories and many more items at the stalls. Of course, this event allows you to bring your pets; so you can bring your pets and consult the industry experts.

This is an annual event and occurs during the month of September. The Gold Coast city Council has proudly organised and managed this expo since the beginning. Renowned as the biggest event of its kind in Queensland, the Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo is a two day-long program that appeals to a number of pet owners and residents from all parts of the state.

While offering you an array of quality and advanced pet products such as pet foods, grooming accessories and supplements, the show also offers information on pet care through demonstrations by some well-known pet-care experts. Pet owners can also take part in fun activities and enjoy a number of entertainment programs at the event. Today, this event is one of the most entertaining and informative expos of the city.

Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo Information

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Central Park, Central Park Drive, Varsity Lakes, Central Park
Event Dates:
October 4 – 5, 2014

Event Times

9:00 am



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