Gold Coast Paradise Regatta 2014

Gold Coast Paradise Regatta

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The events in the Gold Coast include an array of sporting festivals, community events and many cultural fests held during specific seasons. Guests planning to visit the Gold Coast are often advised to browse through the event calendar and book tickets in advance.

To suit the taste, budget and interest of various guests, the Gold Coast presents a variety of events all through the year. Sports buffs would be happy to know that the area hosts many sporting events including horse racing, triathlons, marathons and surfing festivals. Those interested in participating can contact the selection committee.

Gold Coast All Schools Regatta

One of the premier boating races of the Gold Coast is the Paradise Regatta. Held at the beautiful setting of Cavill Avenue, this event held in Surfers Paradise is one of the most popular and internationally broadcasted events in the country. Numerous participants come here to take part in this amazing racing event and showcase their talents. To cheer the contenders, a number of local and international visitors come here every year.

The Gold Coast Paradise Regatta is a fun-filled water sports event that starts off with a rowing competition. Participants row across the Nerang River waterway and compete against one another to win. The race is also considered similar to the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. Several experienced and novice participants take part in this fun-filled event and compete for the grand prize. Today, the Gold Coast Paradise Regatta is among the Gold Coast’s premium social events.

Apart from the racing itself, you can enjoy a number of amusement options including jazz music shows as well. Also relish some authentic food varieties and drinks available at the various stalls across the streets of Surfers Paradise. As one of the major annual sporting events in the Gold Coast, this festival has major tourist appeal. Guests of all ages will surely love to watch the contenders in action across the pristine waterways of the Nerang River.

Gold Coast Paradise Regatta Information

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