Corporate Triathlon National Series 2014

nissan brw corporate triathlon national series
Since 24 years, the popular Nissan / BRW Triathlon series is entertaining the guests from the Gold Coast and other regions of Australia. This year, the Corporate Triathlon is falling on a Saturday.

While the corporate teams are ready to compete with each other, the spectators from the Gold Coast and other parts of Australia are equally excited to watch.

Come to see this wonderful sporting event and watch the exciting game play within various corporate teams. This challenging and exciting event is one of the major platforms where teams from various corporate backgrounds come together and take part on a variety of events around Australia.

Nissan / BRW Corporate Triathlon National Series

While promoting a healthy lifestyle and teamwork among the corporate teams, the Nissan / BRW Corporate Triathlon National Series brings together various Australian corporate communities to compete for the exciting prize. Last year, more than 15,000 contenders from 1,300 companies took part in this popular corporate event.

During the event, participants compete together with celebrities, CEO’s and various world champion triathletes, with this one-of-a-kind event including several categories such as swimming, cycling and running race.

Whether you are in the Gold Coast for a weekend getaway, vacation or for business purposes, try visiting this event to watch thousands of participants competing with each other to win the series. Even the corporate firms encourage their teams to include more members every year.

If you want to take part in this popular event, then enroll for the particular sport such as cycling, running or swimming and take part in this exciting corporate sporting series.

Nissan / BRW Corporate Triathlon National Series Information

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Douglas Jennings Reserve, QLD

Event Dates:
May 03, 2014

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