Broadbeach Jazz Festival 2014

broadbeach jazz festival
As one of the most posh and popular spots of the Gold Coast, Broadbeach is a perfectly positioned destination widely visited by tourists, locals and business travellers. While boasting a quaint atmosphere with a vibrant ambiance within a serene beachside setting, the Broadbeach area of the Gold Coast is a great area that you should never miss to visit.

This distinctly different area of Broadbeach hosts a popular event known as Broadbeach Jazz festival in the month of August. Enjoy this wonderful fun-filled event with lots of enthusiastic performers showcasing their talents. While enjoying a day out in Broadbeach with many entertainment, activity and dining options, plan for spending some time at this Jazz Festival venue for a completely different and amazing experience.

Broadbeach Jazz Festival Gold Coast, August 2014

Spice up your evening at the Broadbeach Jazz Festival venue after a romantic day out in Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise. While enjoying music and various concerts at this venue, catch a glimpse of the stage shows by local performers and performances by various artists from all parts of the town. And also, this festival offers free admission to all the guests. Hence, you can bring your whole family to this three-day long festival.

Here, you will come across a number of finest jazz artists who give their outstanding performances to amuse the guests. Within this tranquil and luxurious setting Broadbeach area boasting a festive atmosphere, you can come with your loved ones and choose any of the fine accommodation venues to enjoy an incredible short getaway. And don’t forget the many fine dining options and all amazing entertainment options that the area offers within its vicinity.

So, come here to enjoy this free event with your loved ones.

Broadbeach Jazz Festival Information

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Broadbeach on the Gold Coast

Event Dates:

August 15 – 17, 2014


Phone: 07 5539 8416

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