Big Day Out Gold Coast 2015

Big Day Out Gold Coast

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The Big Day Out is an annual music festival held in the Gold Coast and in most capital cities across Australia and New Zealand in the month January.

Started in the year 1992, the event was an instant hit among the music lovers and other spectators, and while featuring both contemporary and modern music, this music festival allows its guests to enjoy music shows and live performances within a breathtaking venue.

Big Day Out Gold Coast Tickets

Held at the wonderful Gold Coast Parklands, this music festival includes rock music, local acts, street performances and electronic music apart from its popular contemporary music shows. The event was first held in the beautiful city of Sydney and later it expanded to Melbourne and Perth. Later, the Gold Coast started hosting the event and doing it since 1994.

Since 2003, Big Day Out includes eight stages to accommodate different music shows including electronic, rock, contemporary, stage acts and mainstream international concerts.

Apart from the regular music shows, the event also boasts a number of entertainment programs. Get your tickets and watch the famous motocross rider’s audacious spins through the air and several other retro-rocker shows.

For all those Queenslanders who want to enjoy the coolest music amid the hot and humid summer of the Gold Coast should visit the Big Day Out music festival at the Parklands. Whether or not you love music, you will surely love this wonderful music festival.

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