Gold Coast Go Karting

When was the last time you released your inner child? When was the last time you laughed out of pure excitement, and just let loose and have fun? If you’ve been caught up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and you are looking for something fun to do with the family…then go karting is for you.

Gold Coast Go Karts & Go Kart Rides

Go Karts is a fun activity for the family; where children can enjoy driving their very own motor vehicle, and experiencing their own sense of freedom and independence. Adults enjoy the wind blowing through their hair, the freedom of the open frame, being close to the ground and the sense of youthful joy that they miss with a full-sized car.

Gold Coast Go Karting is an exciting activity for people of all ages, they are not just for kids. Racing is a healthy, fun and safe activity to do with friends and family and it is an exciting way to experience the thrill of drag Racing with minimal cost or risk.

Today’s go karts get fitted with several safety features from new frames designed to form bars around the cockpit which protects the driver and passengers from hazard, seat belts, to a better breaking system. With a large variety of go karts that fit all shapes and sizes, this is an activity for everyone; from small children, teenagers, to adults.

So if you are feeling bored, looking for a fun and inexpensive activity to do with friends and family, get behind the wheel, feel the excitement, enjoy the freedom, release that inner child, and experience the joy of driving a Go Kart!

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