Gold Coast Driving Lessons

If you’re filled with wild driving ambitions, then you are the perfect candidate for these driving experiences. Instead of model cars, why not experience the driver’s seat of a real V8? There’s off road buggies, professional driving lessons, WRX rally driving, luxury car hire and V8 super car hot laps available across the Gold Coast.

If you’re looking for a unique off-road driving experience then look no further than an off-road Rush. It’s an adrenalin-charged blend of brutal V8 power and raw, open-air, off-road buggy driving.

Driving Schools & Hot Laps Gold Coast

For your off-road V8 buggy blast, you’ll suit up in a pair of racing overalls and don a helmet and then you’ll be strapped in to a technologically advanced safety passenger seat. Your professional driver will then take control of the off-road buggy for a series of high-speed hot laps complete with awesome jumps and serious sideways action.

You have seen it enough on TV, so stop thinking about it and do it! Rally driving is one of the most thrilling motorsport out there. Now you can experience it yourself and get yourself behind the wheel of a Turbo WRX Rally Car. Discover the secrets of this awesome car, get sideways and have a load of fun on a special rally track.

Go Karting

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Luxury Car Hire

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Rally Car Driving

Gold Coast Rally Car Driving Renowned as the most exciting off-road motor sports event in Australia, rally driving is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that you should never miss. For 10 years, the attraction is successfully entertaining many of...

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