Vanuatu Destination guide

The sand is white, the sea is a bright turquoise, and you're relaxing in the shade of a thatched gazebo. Vanuatu has about nine months of summertime weather, and when you get there, you'll wish you could stay for all of them.

Port Vila, the nation's capital, is a place where hillsides and blue lagoons dot the landscape. While you're there, Hebriba Marketplace offers a local shopping experience with handmade crafts and clothes. For a swim, take a trip to Champagne Beach on the northern island of Espiritu Santo. It’s famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches, one of the best in the South Pacific. Feel like getting close to history? You might not be able to explore the Titanic, but the S.S President Coolidge, a luxury ocean liner which also served as a WW2 troop carrier, is located off the coast of Espiritu Santo. Prepare yourself for a haunting experience as you delve beneath the deep, dark ocean to explore the ship's coral-covered remains.

And if you want even more excitement, Yasur Volcano in Tanna is the world's most accessible active volcano. On a guided tour, you can stand up to 100 metres from the crater's rim (close enough!) and feel the earth tremble beneath your feet while you watch the frequent Strombolian eruptions. You'll lava it!

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Quick Facts

  • Flight time: 3.5 hours (from Australia)
  • Major airport: Bauerfield International Airport (VLI)
  • Currency: Vanuatu Vatu
  • Busy season: May - October
  • Popular activities: Swimming, scuba diving