Uluru Destination guide

The photos, postcards and images on TV don't do it justice. Nothing can prepare you for the sight of Uluru in person. Surrounded by flat desert plains, this towering behemoth glows a fiery red as the sun sinks below the horizon. Watching its changing hues is an almost mystical experience, and you can feel the area's spiritual history.

348m tall and almost stretching 4 kilometres wide over the desert landscape, this majestic rock is also known by its Indigenous name Uluru, and the surrounding area is the traditional home of the Anangu people.

A walk around the base will take you past native plants and grasses and sometimes to Kantju Gorge, where water cascades down the side of Uluru after it rains. Just make sure you look after the environment by staying on the walking tracks.

Then there's the stargazing. With no artificial light to interfere, night-time at Uluru offers a clear, striking view of the wonders of our cosmos, including the entire spectrum of the Milky Way's colours.

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Quick Facts

  • Flight time: 1 hour (from Alice Springs)
  • Major airport: Ayers Rock Airport (AYQ)
  • Currency: Australian Dollar
  • Busy season: July-November
  • Popular activities: Bushwalking, Stargazing, Sightseeing